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John Barnett, AP

Dr. Barnett has been practicing acupuncture and oriental medicine for 20 years. He specializes in using an all-natural approach to help patients with chronic lung diseases such as COPD, IPF, and sarcoidosis.


The goal of his treatment is to improve patients shortness of breath, reduce their dependence on oxygen, and help improve their quality of life.*

Dr. Barnett can help you if:

  • You have you been diagnosed with COPD or another chronic lung disease

  • You have been suffering from fatigue, shortness of breath, and cough

  • You are using oxygen therapy

  • Your breathing is getting progressively worse

Meet the doctor

Meet The Doctor

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John Barnett, AP

John Barnett has a unique background and training. He did his undergraduate studies in physics at the University of Florida. He then went to California to study at the prestigious Yo San University, and trained with the world famous 38th generation acupuncturist Dr. Maoshing Ni. Dr. Barnett has trained with many of the top acupuncturists in the world over the past 20 years gaining experience and a variety of treatment approaches. He currently works closely with other health care professionals including Physical therapists, Massage therapists, chiropractors, ARNPs, and M.D.s to expand the field of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.​


Dr. Barnett’s specialties include chronic lung conditions, chronic pain, and complex immune conditions such as fibromyalgia. His extensive training in TCM and Chinese herbs is uncommon in Florida. 


What Dr. Barnett Can Do For You

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon the premise of balance between the body’s core organs and the structure (Yin) and function (Yang) within each organ. 


The use of acupuncture can assist the restoration of lung function. ​Traditional Chinese Medicine that targets lung Yin and acupuncture has been improving patients quality of life.* 

What To Expect

1-2 weeks

2-4 weeks

3 months

6 months

increased energy & reduced shortness of breath*

reduced cough & phlegm*

reduced oxygen use*

improved lung function*

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Patient Success

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the results of your treatment. When I started with the treatment, I was on 2 liters of oxygen 24 hours a day. I now only use the oxygen at night and when doing treadmill 2.8 mph at 3.5 grade for 40 minutes 4-5 times a week. I consider this a significant improvement, and actually don’t have to see my pulmonologist for another year.**

**Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and cannot be guaranteed.

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